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Helping every child see their brightest future!

Pediatric Eye Specialists Doctors

Finding highly specialized care for your child’s complex vision challenges is difficult.

Too often, you’re forced to find answers on your own. A Google search only adds to your anxiety, and you worry about your child’s education, their ability to make friends, and their missed opportunities.

In an era where socioeconomic status heavily influences the quality of medical care you receive, Pediatric Eye Specialists (PES) believe every child deserves superior eye care from distinguished specialists.

PES is the most experienced and specialized pediatric practice in the region, offering elite eye care so your child sees their brightest future.

From simple vision problems to challenging conditions requiring surgery, your child will receive the best care possible.

Our Ophthalmologists

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor (MD) and specialist trained to diagnose and treat all medical and surgical diseases and disorders of the eye and visual system. The ophthalmologist may prescribe glasses, medications, or other treatments and, when necessary, perform surgery.

Dr. Eric Packwood
Dr. Michael G. Hunt
Dr. Alan A. Norman Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Madison Duff-Lynes, MD

Our Optometrists

An optometrist or doctor of optometry (OD) deals with the health of the eye, often conducting a vision exam and then prescribing glasses or contact lenses. They may also diagnose and treat certain disorders of the visual system.

Alicia Derry, OD

Alicia Derry, OD

Emily Horn, OD

Emily Horn, OD

Trey Paschal, OD

Trey Paschal, OD

Our Orthoptist

An orthoptist (CO) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye movement and alignment disorders, such as strabismus and double vision, as well as managing the care plans of patients diagnosed with amblyopia (poor vision in one eye compared with the other).

Susan Pharis, CO COMT

Susan Pharis, CO, COMT

Our Partners

Pediatric Eye Specialists partner with the following organizations. 

Child Vision Center

A world-class research and diagnostic center for pediatric ophthalmology that advances excellence in eye care for all children.
Learn more.

SpecialEyes Optical

The only eyewear shop in Tarrant County exclusively for children. Available at all three Pediatric Eye locations. Learn more.

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